Precious jewelry Boxes – Selecting the best Jewelry Box For Your Collection

Jewels and jewelry have long been treasured as prized property throughout the globe, and the cardboard boxes and receptacles that they are kept in have an equally long history and are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and uses. If you’re seeking the best jewelry box for your collection, then continue reading and I will provide you with a brief guide to the hottest forms of jewelry boxes we have today.

First let us start with a general overview of what a jewelry box is. Any box, whether it be produced of wood or leather, that’s utilized for the storage of jewelry can be called a jewelry box. Normally the term “jewelry box” is applied to boxes that are little possibly in a mid sized range up to fourteen inches. They’re best for helping to keep jewelry organized and useful and usually kept near a bed, on a dresser and for a bedside table. The price range for these small or mid-size boxes is from $40 to $250, but the regular rate for a decent jewelry box is about $100.

For larger collections of jewelry the tiny jewelry box is usually insufficient and that’s why “jewelry chests” fill a vital niche in the jewelry box market. Jewelry chests tend to be crafted from wood and are usually handed down as heirlooms. Jewelry aside, the boxes are by themselves pretty beautiful as they have finishes of mahogany, cherry, maple and burlwood. The chests are twelve inches across or more and also have plush linings, meticulously made hinges and in most cases come with a lock and key element. The beginning cost for jewelry chests is generally around hundred dolars as well as for an heirloom jewelry chest you are able to look to pay as much as $350. An average price for a good quality jewelry chest will be $225.

Sometimes even jewelry chests are not sufficiently large to organize and keep a nice collection of jewelry. In this case, a Jewelry Armoire is needed. An armoire is a real piece of furniture and certainly is the recommended method of storing a collection that is consists of many necklaces.

You will find two types of jewelry armoires: dresser top and floor standing. A dresser major jewelry armoire is a tall package with swing out sides. The swing out sides are great for storing necklaces and the armoire may also have drawers providing split storage areas for other jewelry besides the necklaces. The standard size of a dresser top armoire is 10-14 inches across and 10 14 inches high. For a good jewelry armoire you can expect to pay from hundred dolars to $300.

For the largest jewelry collections, floor upright armoires are a natural choice. They not just place jewelry but are provide storage for scarves and lingerie. The floor set armoires are genuinely facial pieces of furniture and are built to merge with popular bedroom furniture styles. The most popular finishes for the floor upright armoires are cherry and oak and they also range in price from $200 500.

Thus, if you have a small jewelry collection you could start out with a modest jewelry box to be kept near your bed or on a dresser. And if your collection is larger or if you would like a box that may serve as an heirloom, a jewelry chest might be what you need. Lastly, for vvs diamond bling of storage space the most desirable option is a dresser top or even floor set jewelry armoire.

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